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'Young and the Restless ' star Kevin Schmidt's Micro Pig "Yuma" hits the TMZ stage!

TMZ Story

'Harry Potter' Star Rupert Grint has a Pet Pig. Rumors in the news state that Rupert unfortunately fell prey to a breeder who unethically sold him a regular piglet advertised as a Pet Micro Pig.


Grrrr I would love to slap that breeder for taking advantage of people!!! I feel so badly for Rupert and his pet pig. Pigs are smart animals! That poor piglet doesn't understand why it can no longer sleep in the house and live the same spoiled life it had until it got too big and had to go live outside.


Be careful! Do NOT buy a pet piglet from an unreputable breeder.




'Transformers' star Megan Fox had a micro pig. Unfortunately for her and the pig some breeder sold her an un-neutered male and failed to educate her about the importance of neutering them before they are 10 weeks old. Megans pig became so sexually aggressive she had to get rid of him (this makes me very sad for the both of them). This was an unfortunate experience for both Megan and her pig. If only the breeder who sold her that pig had cared enough about the happiness and wellbeing of both Megan and the piglet, they would both be living happily ever after!

Actor George Clooney and his Pot Belly Pig "Max".  Max passed away at 18 years of age.


George talks fondly of  his beloved pet Pot Belly Pig. "Max" WAS NOT a Micro Pig. He was a full size Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig weighing aprox 250 lbs!


Kirsten Korhani’s Piglet Pet Models Steal The Show At Toronto Fashion Week

Talent Article

Paris Hilton and her micro pig "Princess Piglette" full front cover of HELLO! magazine.