Itty Bitty Pet Pigs
Deposits & Payments

We take $300 deposits for piglets on a first come first served basis to hold a piglet in a litter.  We then have a payment system in which you can choose the payments that best fit your needs.

Persons paying full price up front who bypass the "deposit and payments" method, will be moved to the top of the list and receive their pick of the litter in the order in which their "paid in full" payment is received by us.
We only take deposits or presell in full 50% of each litter in the event that all piglets may not be live births. These Micro Juliana Pet Pigs can be compared to the Bull Dog breeding complications and a large percentage of the litters must be by either emergency C section, pre-scheduled C section or at the very least veterinarian assisted.
Your piglet must be paid for in full piglet prior to spay or neuter surgery being scheduled.
Most of our piglets are spayed or neutered between 8 and 9 weeks of age, a few of the smaller piglets (runt or nano) must wait a bit older to spay or neuter due to their weight. They must weigh enough for it to be safe for them to undergo surgery with anesthesia. We ship your piglet home to you after it has fully recovered from it's surgery and stitches have been removed. We want our piglets to be fully recovered prior to making their flight home to you so there will be as little stress on them as possible.









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