Itty Bitty Pet Pigs

Things you should know before you buy a piglet from ANYONE!

All Micro Pet Pigs (aka Teacup, Nano, Mini) breeders are NOT created equal! Nor are the piglets they sell! It is VERY important for you to buy your piglet from a reputable breeder who is willing to show you the parents of your piglet!


Several years ago when we were researching these awesome little pigs for ourselves, we discovered that there are people out there selling pigs that they were calling Micro, Mini, Teacup etc that were not!!! All piglets are little when they are born. Can you image how upset you would be if you bought a piglet that grew to be 200 pounds or more!? THAT my friends is NOT a  house pet!


We invite folks to our ranch to visit with our Mamma and Pappa pigs up close and personal. Anyone can send you a picture of a parent pig that was taken when they were younger and smaller than breeding age to fool you. This is very deceptive! Sadly, we learned that it happens all the time.



Our piglets are NOT raised in a barn stall on a farm with little or no handling until they are shipped to you or two days before you come to personally pick them up like other breeders! Our Itty Bitty Pet Pigs are lovingly raised in our home with daily handling from the moment they are born with large doses of love and affection ;)  We raise only purebred Micro Juliana pigs and  Micro Juliana pigs that have a VERY, VERY SMALL fraction of Pot Belly Pig enough to give them a different color. ALL  100% Juliana pigs are spotted pigs.


When we got our first little pig, we were amazed at how little the breeder communicated with us, how little they educated us about micro pet pig ownership and care and how unexperienced they were themselves about these little pigs. For instance, we had to learn the hard way that their 8 needle teeth should have been trimmed or removed to avoid the piglet hurting us or our other household pets. Or how an un-neutered male can become sexually aggressive as young as 10 to 12 weeks of age! and how he can and will ruin the furniture in the process! Not to mention how un-neutered males are so sexually aggressive that they quite literally are four legged walking hormones waiting to happen all over you, your house, and your other animals... ewwwww!  Did I mention how nasty that smells?!


So, one thing we have vowed to do over the years was to learn as much about these awesome little pets as we could and to pass that knowledge on to the folks who buy our little pet pigs. When you buy a piglet from us you can rest assured you will not suffer as we did with a new little piglet and no knowledge of what to feed it, how often and how much at what age. When you buy a piglet from us we are here for you for the life of your pet! Our relationship with you does not end after we receive your money and ship your piglet. We will give you advice on Micro Pig ownership for nutrition/treats/training rewards, toys, potty training, trick training, sleep habits, weight management, health care, hoof care and skin care. We can also help you with harness and lead info as well as clothing and accessories for your little guy or gal.


When you buy a Micro Piglet from Itty Bitty Pet Pigs you will not have huge veterinarian expenses for surgical spaying, neutering or dental extractions after you get your pig home like we did when we bought our first piglet!


Your piglet price from us at Itty Bitty Pet Pigs will be all inclusive of the following:


All 8 needle teeth trimmed


Spay or neuter surgery


All surgical after care including medication administration and suture removal

We start your piglets potty training when they are only 2 days old!

We start his or her harness and leash training at 6 weeks of age



In addition to the above, if you do not live within driving distance to be able to personally come pick up your piglet we can ship piglets to almost anywhere in the United States for you FREE of any additional charges to you!



All we ask in return is to be able to follow the life of our little pet pigs. We welcome emails and pictures of our adorable little pigs with their new families. We love hearing stories about how spoiled they are and their adventures, and as promised we are only a phone call or an email away if you have any questions along the way.